Dunloe Irish Terriers

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Every terrier is bold in the doorway of its own house. Irish Proverb

Updates and Anouncements
Puppies Born November 1, 2018
Some of our puppies have new families
We uploaded a new page for Dayle

In Memory of:



Rifineach Ramblin Red Irish Rose


Faugh An Ballagh!  Clear the way!

The Irish Terrier has an excellent temperament, is very good natured with people, and especially good with little children. Rugged, but gentle and very forgiving with those they love, they are totally devoted and loyal to their family. They will guard them with unflinching courage and utter contempt of danger or injury. Their life is one continuous eager offering of loyal and faithful companionship and service. Ever on guard, they stand between their family and all that threatens. The merriment reflected in their dark eyes is a special gift from the Emerald Isle.

Derry in a Bed


Puppy in grass Bridie


Derry and Rufus

Derry and Rufus

Testing Rufus with a Kid ... He Passed